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Safe Holiday

A safe holiday - FAQ

1. Can you spend your holidays in Caorle?

Caorle is ready to welcome you as usual: choose the accommodation suitable for your needs and book your holiday in complete safety! With great care and adopting the necessary security measures, all our accommodation facilities, restaurants and beaches are open and ready to host you in total safety.

2. Is it possible to cancel holidays in Caorle?

Absolutely! You can book and then decide with peace of mind. If you have any doubts, contact the accommodation and explain your reasons, the general cancellation conditions of the respective accommodation will be applied.

3. How must you behave on the beach?


In the territory of Caorle the free beach is accessible and does not require reservations.

You will just have to follow some rules in order to protect your health and that of others. See here. In particular,

- you can place your equipment (beach umbrella, deck chairs, towels) with respect and observance of the regulations in force (thus maintaining at least 12 square metres per family unit and at least 1.5 metres between family units). Full legislation here;

- masks must be worn olny in case it is not possible to keep the distance of 1 m from people not belonging to your family;
- from June 1st the rescue service  is active regularly on the entire beach;
- stewards,  identified with a blue tunic and card, can be available to provide users with information and indications on the correct positioning in the beach in order to respect interpersonal distancing and between families;

- as regards access to the beach for dogs, the existing rules remain in force;

- children can have access to the games located on the beach.

And don't worry, the Local Police will take care of ensuring compliance with the rules and your only thought will be to enjoy the beach!



The toilets and the beach establishments, managed by the Consortium Arenili CaorleSpiaggia, are open from June 1st.

The two Bau Beach equipped areas (Levante and Ponente) are open from June 1st. The Pet's area (Ponente), an unequipped area, is not yet delimited: you can stop with your four-legged friends in the P9 compartment, in front of the La Vela kiosk.

All the Ponente and Levante establishments here.


All establishments are regularly open. The rescue service is active.

The area equipped for dogs is also open.


Until the first half of June, the services are active only in some parts of the beach.

Rescue service from June 1st.


All establishments and the rescue service are open.


Parking is accessible upon payment.  Toilets are open. Van bar coming soon.

4. What are the rules for travelling?

You can move freely within the Veneto Region.

From June 3rd, travel will be freely allowed, for any reason, to and from the following states:

• Member States of the European Union (in addition to Italy, the following are Member States of the EU: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Hungary);

• States parties of the Schengen Agreement (non-EU States parties of the Schengen Agreement are: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland);

• United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland;

• Andorra, Monaco;

• Republic of San Marino and Vatican City State.

From 3rd June, people entering or returning to Italy from these countries will no longer be subjected to health surveillance and fiduciary isolation for 14 days. From 3rd to 15th June, the same rules continue to apply to journeys to and from different states than those listed above, which until June 2nd apply to all journeys to and from abroad.

For updates follow the site

5. How are public transports regulated?

You can reach us by plane (Venice Airport news -Verona airport news), train, bus ... please get info on the relevant sites.

And in our resort the ATVO shuttle service is already active and the sightseeing train will also be around soon!

6. What are the leisure activities for summer 2020?

The usual excursions! Sure there will be some rules to be observed and distances to be kept, but you can continue to enjoy Caorle and its attractions! Choose the excursion you prefer in this section!

7. How can I receive useful information?

Find everything on our website

If you still have any doubts, contact the IAT office by email or telephone.

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