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Venetian-style Rowing

In Caorle people are very much attached to tradition and the practice of Venetian-style rowing, so much so that this discipline is practised even in the schools of Caorle through dedicated projects.
You row while standing facing the bow to observe the surrounding area on flat-bottomed vessels and adopt a peculiar navigation technique to monitor the level of the seabed, which is typically low and sandy in the lagoon.
We usually row on our traditional boats called caorline; their distinctive feature is the shape of the bow and the stern, which are identical, and are both elongated upwards.
Have you ever dreamt of rowing in the sea following the coastline or along the canals of the lagoon? Come to us and make your dream come true!
For more information, get in touch with Voga Caorle President:  Pier Manuele Bottosso + 39 328 3799889 -

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