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Pet-Friendly Beaches

We love animals and know just how difficult it is to choose the right holiday destination, given the limits and restrictions that owners of four-legged friends often have to deal with.

Well, we are glad to inform you that here in Caorle your four-legged furry friends are always welcome!

There are four designated beach areas you can access with your dogs: in some parts, you can even take a dip in the sea togetherDetails

Levante beach - Bau Beach

This is a beach equipped with amenities and located in the L9 Levante area; access to the sea is granted through a dedicated passage. Check what documents are necessary before accessing the area.

Ponente beach - Pets' Beach Area

In the Ponente area, between P15 and P14, there is a section of the beach which is free, has no amenities and is delimited by designated signposting.

It is a 40x40 metre area where cats and dogs can join you under your parasol, but must be kept on a leash (maximum length 130 cm) and muzzle. The good thing here is you can take a dip in the sea with your animals (access to the sea is granted via a designated passage). Once again, we advise you to check which documents you need before accessing the area.

Porto Santa Margherita


 in Viale Lepanto 21, you can find an equipped, delimited green space for your pets.

For all info, call tel.  +39 0421 260072; cell. +39 339 2682919; email:


In Viale Lepanto 151,  you can find Dog Beach, an equipped, delimited green space for small size pets

Mr. Antonio Mobile 348 325 1193 Mail:

Duna Verde - Bi Dog Beach

On the coast opposite the San Francesco tourist village, there's a reserved, equipped area with specific spaces to relax and have fun with your animals. It's the Bi Dog Beach and to access this beach you enter from the village itself (free if you are guests, but you can also pay for a day pass) or from Duna Verde (second road to the right, as far as the car park; there's a banner that advertises the beach). You can ask for Mr. Tiziano Tel. + 39 0421 2982/298310. Among the many services on offer, there are green areas with agility trails and "educational" events dedicated to taking care of and feeding dogs. You can go for a dip with your four-legged friend, but make sure you respect the timetable set forth by the beach regulation:

Brussa - Pet's Beach Area

Even on the Brussa-Vallevecchia beach, you will find a Pets' Beach area in the beach section indicated by designated signposting.

Your cats and dogs can stay under the parasol, but they must be on a leash (maximum length 1 metre 30) and have a muzzle on (the muzzle is not compulsory if there are no other bathers in a 30-metre radius).


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