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The Fishing Valleys

Up to two centuries ago, Caorle was practically an island surrounded by emerged shoals (barene), earth banks covered with vegetation which emerge from the sea depending on the tide; these are typical of the lagoon, swamps and lagoon valleys. It goes without saying that fishing in the lagoon was the primary activity of our predecessors who, for a long time in history, exclusively owned, fished and hunted in the territory of the Caorle Lagoon.
This privilege lasted from 1439 to 1690 when a large part of the lagoon was declared of public interest, divided into lots and sold; in 1852, the caorlotti came together again in a Consortium, the first of its kind in Italy, and purchased fishing rights in the area.
Starting from 1950, fishing moved from the lagoon to the open sea and the bragozzi, the last bastion of traditional sailboat fishing, were ultimately substituted by motorboat fishing.


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