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Fine sand beach sloping gently towards the sea, a timeless natural lagoon, the old town centre, revealing still nowadays the past life and tradition of the inhabitants: these are some of the elements explaining why Caorle is one of the most favourite tourist destinations. The guest feels really at home, thanks to the typical hospitality of the local people and the accomodation facilities which can fulfill every need: hotels, apartments, campsites, holiday villages, bed & breakfast, farm houses, guest houses and a hostel. In short, the ideal place for a holiday!

Spiaggia di Levante


Aerea Caorle 2008

The eighteen kilometres of sandy beach include not only Caorle, whose old town centre divides the two beaches, Levante and Ponente, but also   Porto Santa Margherita, Lido Altanea and Duna Verde (photo n. 2 e photo n. 3). Between Caorle and Bibione, the natural beach of Vallevecchia extends, an environmental reserve ideal for lovers of nature and peace.
For years Caorle has been given the Blue Flag Award, which witness the efficient environment safeguarding policy carried out by the authorities.
Proper passageways give access to the equipped beach by wheel-chair. The beach staff can provide disabled people with a beach chair suitable to move on the sand and appropriate sunbeds.
The beach offers different services, such as baby sitting, animation, an equipped area de luxe called White Oasis, and a number of beach sections where pets are welcomed; they can even be taken to the sea.


Porto Santa Margherita started out in the 60s as nautical centre and developed in the successive decades as a tourist resort; besides the marina, equipped with over 500 berths and all related services, the locality offers a wide accomodation range, a pedestrian area, a weekly market and state-of-the-art beach clubs. A well-lit cycling route connects the locality with Caorle, as well as a ferryboat service on river Livenza during the summer season.
In front of the church devoted to Croce Gloriosa and Saint Giovanni XXIII, the public indoor swimming-pool and annexed gym is located.
In the past Porto Santa Margherita was known as “Beach of the Maidens” due to an episode, the Rape of the Maidens, which really happened in Venice in the Xth century: some Slavic pirates raped the brides and their dowries, as the maidens were on the way to be wed to the Venetian noblemen. With the help of people of Caorle, the Venetian fleet managed to reach the pirates in the proximity of Porto Santa Margherita and to take them as prisoners. The event is still celebrated  nowadays, in the “Festa delle Marie”, that takes place in Venice every year during the Carnival.



Duna Verde, as its name suggests, is set in the midst of nature, between the two international holiday villages. Its sandy beach is preceded by pinewoods and dunes. These are relics of the ancient coastline, which have formed over time as a barrier between land and sea and are nowadays preserved and protected by constant interventions of the Forestal Regional Unit. The resort has risen between the 60s and the 70s. Various holiday houses, a campsite, a seafront 3-stars hotel, and two renowned tourist villages offer top range facilities to ensure that the guests have a comfortable, relaxing and entertaining time. Duna Verde is ideal for families: animation, an outdoor cinema, a weekly market in piazza Madoneta, a number of shops and leisure activities, a well-kept beach and well-lit cycling routes, connecting the locality both to Caorle and Eraclea.


Vallevecchia, located in Brussa, is a coastal area between Caorle and Bibione where a remarkable environmental intervention has been implemented. It is made by different biotopes: cultivated land, lagoon, pinewood, dunes and sand coast. It is possible to see different species of vegetation and to observe a range of interesting animal species.
Upon reservation, you can visit there the MAV, Natural Environment Museum, for contacts: +39 0421 212958.