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The Mainland

Caorle » Countryside

The mainland belonging to the municipality of Caorle is variegated and interesting due to its multifaceted features. The area ranges from the modern and populous village of San Giorgio di Livenza, where the agricultural economy is prevalent, to the villages of Villaviera, Castello di Brussa and Brussa, linked  both to the agricultural activity and to  the restarted environmental work around the lagoon and Valle Vecchia. The rural villages of Ca' Corniani and Ca' Cottoni are particularly fascinating for their history, having been built in the period of the land reclamations carried out  in the 19th century. Ca' Corniani is located 3 km from Caorle and represents the first reclamation project made by private in the Venetian marshes. Since 1851, the hamlet has been an agricultural centre, equipped with an efficient water-pump system, thanks to the remarkable intervention carried out by of the owner, Assicurazioni Generali. The local  wine cellar was built in the second half of the XIX century and  is open to the public all year long.

For info about the opening times of the numerous wine cellars in the territory call IAT Caorle Information Office +39 0421 81085.

Cà Corniani

In Ca' Corniani the two courtyards deserve to be seen in particular, which provide an interesting example of the rural architecture of Veneto, and also the esteemed wine shop, where excellent wines are produced and aged.


The village of San Gaetano is also worthy mentioning, since this is the land that belonged to the Franchetti noblemen,  who in the 19° century accomplished the plan of a large rural centre, possibly based on the autarchical model of Alvosopoli carried out by Venetian nobleman Alvise Mocenigo. The small locality is famous for having welcomed guests such as Henry Fonda and Ernest Hemingway.

This American writer, Nobel Prize winner for literature, found here inspiration for his novel "Across the River and into the Trees".

Casoni Aerea